About Us

The Pilates Reserve is a passionate community of instructors and clients. Our team is committed to dramatic results for every client.

Meet the owner

Robin Chambers

Owner, Certified Pilates Instructor

In our practice, we work to integrate breath with movement, improving grace, balance, stamina, flexibility, strength, focus and vitality.  From an early age, Robin desired to engage in work that was meaningful. Between her entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that she was a devoted practitioner of Pilates, founding The Pilates Reserve in 2014 was the perfect culmination of her passions.

After more than twenty years of private Pilates practice under classical and contemporary instructors and mentors, Robin certified as a Pilates instructor in 2009. 

Now as a business owner and instructor, Robin is committed to preserving the authenticity of Joseph Pilates’ original work while embracing contemporary knowledge from the fields of rehabilitative and exercise sciences.